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Ghosting sloution for BL35p and 25p series

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Ghosting sloution for BL35p and 25p series


I have been using Bart PE to take ghost image on Proliant DL series servers. But I have issues with Bart PE on blade servers. I use an external USB drive to store the ghost images.

But with blade systems, many times they do not detect the external USB drive when I boot them using Bart PE.

Is there any way we can take ghost image for blade systems using a freeware?

I know there are many ghosting solutions available in market, but I am looking for some freeware stuff.

In case you also use USB to store the ghost images directly, then please let me know the procedure for taking the ghost image on USB.

Any help in this regard would be useful.

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Re: Ghosting sloution for BL35p and 25p series

Chances are Bart PE cannot read the USB thru the SUVI cable. There is probably a specific driver required for it. Have you considered creating your BartPE image based on one of your blades with the SUVI cable hooked up? Could pull across the correct drivers that way.