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guidance on migrating to Flex10 from VC 1/10?

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guidance on migrating to Flex10 from VC 1/10?

We're adding a second C7000 and some BL490cs to our installation. The existing enclosure has two VC-Ethernet 1/10 modules, and we want to upgrade these to Flex10 to match the modules in the new enclosures.

Reading the latest installation and setup guide, I see the following:
"Replacing the primary/standby bay pair modules with modules of a different type requires the creation of a new VC domain, creating the probability that VC managed identifiers (MAC, WWN, and Serial Numbers) could be assigned to different server ports or slots from the original VC domain."

Which will be way more hilarious than I anticipated. The same section also has this:
"Import the enclosure(s) and create a new VC domain. If available, a user-created CLI script file may accelerate VC domain recreation."

Is there any guidance on how I could generate this script? Any other guidance or tips on how best to recreate the VC domain so that it matches the original as closely as possible? Any particular steps on correctly removing or decomissioning the existing VC 1/10 modules so that they're not orpahned somehow, or that there's any issue with installing the new modules?
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Re: guidance on migrating to Flex10 from VC 1/10?

We did this ~6 months ago, and it is an interesting game.

Get hold of the VCM CLI User Guide. The scripting itself is relatively simple.

If your environment is relatively young, and/or not changed much since it was created, then it is possible to script the domain creation with minimal disruption.

If you just think about the WWID's,

1. If you are using HP assigned, you should record which "set" you are using.
2. The WWID's are assigned from the pool in sequence, therefore Profile1 gets 1st set, profile2 gets 2nd set, etc.
3. if you recreate your profiles in your script, in the same order that they were originally created, then your profiles will inherit the correct WWID's.
4. If there are gaps in the sequence, i.e. profiles which have been deleted, then just insert dummies into the creation stream.

In other words, we had ~20 active profiles, so we scripted the creation of ~30 dummies with WWIDs assigned to them. We then matched up, i.e. renamed the dummies to the active profiles with the same WWID's.

the only complication is if you have multiple HBA cards.

I really just needs someone to sit down and think it through.

Creating your networks, uplink sets, etc is pretty straight forward.

If your environment is very complicated, and you have a support contract, then HP have been known to help.

You could try them.

Anyway, start with the CLI Scripting guide and go from there.