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h/w received with the blades.

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h/w received with the blades.

Hi All,

I have received the following with my Blades 860's

o HP StorageWorks EVA4100/EVA6100 Controller Pair
Assembly (AD525C)
o HP StorageWorks M5314C FC Drive Enclosure

I am not really sure how I can connect them to the Blade physically or How to install/Configure them...

Could you throw some light on it ...
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Re: h/w received with the blades.


Both the aforementioned devices are needed to have storage as in boot disks for your blade enclosure.

The came with physical instructions on how to connect them.

Hope that helps a bit. The Second item is a fiber channel compatible enclosure meant to physically house the disks.

There should be a system or console you can connect to, which will permit you to manage and assign the disks, once everything is physically connected and ready for boot.

Steven E Protter
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Re: h/w received with the blades.

I assume the M5314C is attached to the EVA so these two make up the external storage system. You got fiber based storage so you need fiber interfaces for your blade chassis. These get installed in blade chassis interconnect bays 3 and 4. You may have these installed already. What type are they? If you don't have an external set of fiber switches you should get/have two brocade switches in the blade chassis. If you have external fiber switches you should have/get fiber passthrough modules for your chassis. You also need FC mezanine cards for the 860s that should be installed in slot 2 of the 860s. You wire the blade chassis to the EVA, create LUNs, zoning, and assign the LUNs to the 860s.
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Re: h/w received with the blades.

Actually, I have taken them out from the pallets just now and are on the floor now.

First I have to install them on to the racks..
Second is the cabling part interconnecting them..

And then I'll have to install the s/w
--- On the Blades
--- Command View on the EVA's
--- Create Virtual Machines
--- Create VM Hosts
--- Make VM Hosts as a HP-UX Guests

I have never done this with the Blades actually..though I have configured the other rp & rx servers and vpar's and npars...

So I am wondering where to start with and how to proceed further..

I am having the following s/w's to be used...

HP-UX 11i v3
HP-UX 11i v2
HP Integrity Virtual Machines Media Kit(8 of those I do not know why so many copies were given)

And loads of other S/w came with the EVA's..

So I am wondering when to use when...

Command View EVA

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Re: h/w received with the blades.

IMHO you should get startup services for the EVA from HP. Ask them ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: h/w received with the blades.

thank you