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Re: HBA issue with SAN Switch

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HBA issue with SAN Switch

i have 1 c7000 enclosure with 15 bl460c servers in it. Each server has an FC Mezannine card in slot 1.
i have 2 VC ethernet switches in interconnect bay 1 and 2.
i have 2 VC FC switches in interconnect bay 3 and 4. bay 5 to 8 are empty.
i have 2 SAN switches (A and B) and they are 4/32 hp brocade switches.
i have linked the 4 FC ports from Bay 3 to SAN switch A and the other 4 FC Ports from B4 to SAN switch B
i have an EVA8100 which has 2 controllers. each controller is connected to both SAN switches A and B.
When i go to my SMA, i see only WWN of port 2 for server 1 to 14, and for 15, i dont see it at all.
i changed the HBA of server 15, i still dont see it.
i moved the server to slot 16 which is free, still i dont see it.
when i login to the SAN switch, and check the device details of port 2 (to port 2, i have connected port 1 from internet bay 3), i see all the 4 WWN that port 1 of VC-FC is support to see.

has anyone faced such issue?
appreciate your prompt assistances.
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Re: HBA issue with SAN Switch

The HBAs need to log into the SAN before any device will know it's there. An HBA will log in when a driver is loaded, or if you have it scan the fabric using the ROM based utility on the HBA.

Another possibility is that the SAN switch the VC-FC module is connected to does not support NPIV. Is the firmware new enough to support NPIV? is NPIV enabled on the switch?
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect
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Re: HBA issue with SAN Switch

And surely You have zoned both SAN fabrics ?

Go to server FC card bios (ctrl + Q) and scan for storage there. If You don't see the HSV210 controllers from both interfaces I would check the zoning.
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