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How do I use a KVM with the C7000 Onboard Administrator ?

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How do I use a KVM with the C7000 Onboard Administrator ?

Frank had a quesiton about using the Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) on the c7000 Onboard Administrator(OA):




I can't figure this out.  We have a KVM (PN: 336047-B21) dongle attached to the OA.  Came configured that way from the Integration Center.  We press the arrow buttons on the C7000 Insight Display to the KVM Menu and it appears on the KVM monitor.  Now here is my question:  How do I navigate the screen to choose what server I want to look at on the KVM?  I have pressed every button I could think of and I cannot choose any of the servers showing on the KVM monitor.  I tried to find a manual but no luck there. 


I know this must be simple but I am missing it.  Any help would be appreciated.




Lee and Monty had some advice:





See page 24 of the latest Onboard Administrator Users Guide for information on how to use the Enclosure KVM.


and Monty had good info as well:

You will be using the KVM keyboard cursor keys to navigate the Enclosure KVM menu.


Make sure the NUM LOCK is off if you are using the combo numeric keypad for cursor keys – or if the KVM keyboard includes a separate cursor pad, use those keys instead.




Hope this helps. What are your "Words of Wisdom" for Frank? Never too much good info.