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How to register license for iLO 2 Select

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How to register license for iLO 2 Select

The motherboard on Proliant BL460c G1 was replaced. Now, when bringing up the iLO, it shows no serial number. Also, the license type shows:
License Type: iLO 2 Standard Blade Edition
All the rest show
License Type: iLO 2 Select

How is this re-registered with a password to add the Select functionality and where does the password come from?


Re: How to register license for iLO 2 Select


You will have to enter the 25 character activation key (5 groups of 5 letters/numbers) into the iLO. Assuming that you bought the Insight Control Environment for the blade enclosure that the replacement blade is in, it is likely the same as the other servers in that enclosure and you should be able to find it via the iLO web interface on one of the other servers. The easiest way to get to the page that displays the key and allows you to enter it is to click on the License Type heading on the entry page.

Good Luck.