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HP 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem

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HP 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem


I am new to the c class system & was wondering about the setup of the pass tru module (subject).
It mentions that they are redundant, how? I have a network engineer telling me that we should a primary and secondary nic. Are all the poerts not used?

I have 4 pass thru modules installed & i understand the port mapping but unsure if any of the ports are secondary & not in use.

I have plugged in one blade & caonnected 8 cables (correct ports) as mentioned above the network engineer says i need to inform him which are primary and which are secondary. I have checked the Onboard HP website & cant find any information.

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: HP 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Thru Module for c-Class BladeSystem

Hi philli.

Both Nics that go out of a pair of Eth. passthoughs is active. In this case redandant means that you have two and one nic in each which means that even if one is broken you still have a path to your network.

A way to make them more redundant is to team the network cards on the server.

All ports that matches the portmapping is in use. You can see it on the OA card Devicebays --> Baynumber/servernamn --> portmappping.

Depending on how you have setup your bladesystem various ports can be sent out into thin air. I'm attatching a powerpoint so you can see how the diffrent mezzcards mapp against the backplane.