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HP BL460c Question

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HP BL460c Question


I apologize if I cross-posted. I couldn't find the original post.

My question is about the HP BL460c:

Does the HP BL460c blade support a full-height, half-length PCI-X (not PCIe) expansion board, and if so, which mezzanine card is required for this. Further, what sort of space trade off occurs in the blade center (if any at all) if a PCI-X card is used?

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Re: HP BL460c Question


This was one of my first questions to. The C class blades don't handle any cards except the mezzanine cards. The only connection between the blade itself and the outside world is through the mezzanine and whatever interconnect it corrosponds to. gives you the option to plug in additional network cards and SAN adapters into the mezzanines on the 460c blades.

As it relates to my question a while back, we were wanting to put telephony cards into the C class enclosures and it just wasn't possible.

Hope that helps.