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HP Blade and RDP


HP Blade and RDP

Hi Guys,

Hope that you can help me out on this, i have 2 enclosure and have use rdp to deployed the win_2k_3_R2 to it. After i have deployed, i realized that i have lesser nodes shown on the RDP where i had deployed on 16 nodes and it only shows 8 nodes. Looking stun, i kept looking onto the screen on the RDP, then i realized that the nodes on enclosure 1- bay 1 suddenly changed to enclosure 2- bay 1. e.g libraet1 (Shown on the rdp). then it suddenly change to libraet2.

i had checked on the enclosure 1 - 2 iLO ip address for victual connect and it is not the same IPs. also the node's ip address is not the same. so no conflict.
Hope you guys could help me.

Honored Contributor

Re: HP Blade and RDP

Can you try explaining that one again.

I'm not understanding you description of what is happening, never mind what the problem is.