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HP blade georedundant config

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HP blade georedundant config

I'm planning to deploy 2 georedundant server farms. We choosen HP Blade system. Every site would consist of: - 1 x C3000 enclosure - 4 x BL460c servers equiped additionally with 554M mezzanine (to have 4 LAN ports) - 2 x 6125G blade switch Incoming traffic (http, radius) will reach my servers via pair of loadbalancers (active-standby). The servers will run Linux.


I have 2 questions regarding network architecture and redundancy:

  • how should I connect the blade switches, should I make 4 nodes' IRF ring over dedicated SFP ports? HP says that IRF could replace STP... Is that IRF good enough for interconnecting geographically separated sites? Do you recommend that IRF over traditional techniques?

  • is thare any advantage to have these mezzanine NIC providing those additional 2 ports per server blade, maybe 2 bonded interfaces and VLANs are enough to secure the link between server and switch blade?