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Re: HP Blade login screen


HP Blade login screen

Hello HP

I have a
BladeSystem c7000 DDR2 Onboard Administrator with KVM
Firmware 2.60 Aug 31 2009

I have trouble with the log in screen of the Blade. If there is no language set in Internet explorer, under tools -> Internet options -> General -> Languages.

The log in screen defaults to Japanese. When I add "English (Australia)" to Internet Explorer the login screen displays in English.

I have set the Web UI to force English but it has no effect on the log in screen.

Have you seen this issue before? Do you know how to resolve it without the Internet explorer changes?
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Blade login screen

looks like browser related thing. what if you add english and japanese both make english default.

are you using any Japanese proxy or id system locale is Japanese? that case also it may happen.