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Re: hp blade server nic teaming and channeling

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hp blade server nic teaming and channeling


Hi we have c7000 enclosure, we are using bl460c servers and in the interconnect bays we are using 4*cisco 3020 switches, on the servers we are running vmware vSphere 5.x, we are having problem with nic teaming on the servers each servers has 4 nics each of this nics terminate on different cisco 3020 switches how can we team this physical cards?. The cisco 3020 are connected to our core switches cisco 4510 we are trying to make multiple uplinks to the core switches using ether-Chanel but the minute we add uplinks to the channel other switches within the enclosure act funny and go down. Please find attached a diagram depicting our setup.

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Re: hp blade server nic teaming and channeling

EtherChannel and pretty much any LACP based switch only allows you to Channel/Aggregate links when you have 1 source and 1 destination switch.


If you are trying to channel 2 links from a snigle 4510 to a single 3020, then this should work and if it doesn't I would either post your config of the ports and the Po## interface here or ping a Cisco guy.


If you are trying to channel links from a single 4510 to 2 different 3020s, its not going to work.


Note that if you had 3120s instead of 3020s, you could have used the special StackWise port to make 2 of your 4 3120s look like a single switch with 2 line cards.  Then you could Channel ports from those 2 switches to a single 4510 because those 2 switches now act like 1.

But the 3020 doesn't have those StackWise ports.