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HP Blade Server

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HP Blade Server


 I am new to setting up a Blade Server and I am looking for some help on getting started. I have a HP Blade system with a p-class enclosure 6U. I have several HP BL25p G2, BL35p and 2 Cisco GESM intrerconnects.


I have the whole system racked and powered on. The next step is where I am having issues. There is no input for for monitor or keyboard/mouse. I realized I will need a local i/o cable in order to do any configurations. Where can i find a part no to order one?


Is there any other way to configure the server without the local i/o cable using remote management?


Next question is how to recover a password for the cisco interconnects?


Any other documentation to help me start this or management software I will need would be most helpful.


Thank you,


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Re: HP Blade Server

I am not hands on familiar with the P Class, but there should be a management LAN interface you can point a web browser at.  Here is the documentation site for the enclosure:


Here is the part for the local IO SUVI cable:



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Re: HP Blade Server



Regarding recovering CISCO switch password, I am not sure what type of switch you are using.  What is the model?


But here are some resources from HP and CISCO.


Cisco Catalyst 1/10GbE 3120X Blade Switch - Recovering Switch From Lost or Forgotten Password



Hope this information helps.


I work for HPE

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