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HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

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HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

We have two C7000 Blade Enclousres, ENC1 Having HP BL 460 G7 (08) Bays+ G1(02) Bays

ENC 2 Having HP BL 460 G1 (06) Bays + G7 (06).


I have faced two issues in recent days, so i need some help regrading these:


1- I have to move one Enclousre to other Rack, so i shutdown all the Bays and Started un-plugging Power Cable one by one, When i unplugged 3 Cables i have seen that other 2 Power Supplies(Still Plugged) burned.

Then i replaced the Damaged Power Supplies with new one and from 2 weeks everything is fine.

But my Question is why this happend? is there any problem in Power Mode etc?



















2- When I shutdown any Bay and then power on, I heard huge Fan sound (for about 3 Minutes) and then it become normal. and Fan Speed of Shared Fan reaches about 54%.

Is this Normal, Here is Current Status of Fan Speeds.


fan speed.JPG

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Re: HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

If you have a thermal event please contact HP straight away.
There might be more damage than you can see at first and they will replace all the needed hardware.
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Re: HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

Thanks for reply.


There is no Thermal Event, I have Described what i have faced.


Everything looks normal

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Re: HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

Your fan speeds look normal.  It is common for the fans to speed up during a hardware status change.  This is done by the OA  to ensure proper cooling in the event that you are removing any module leaving an open slot in the enclosure.



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Re: HP Blade System C7000 - Issues

Thanks bob


What about my first part of the Question? The Power Configurations are correct?