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HP Enclosure

Hi All,

I've HP C7000 Enclosure with eight HP BL460c G6 CTO Blade and I need to have different VLANs (4 VLAN) each Blade will be a member in at least 3 VLANs, is that supported and if the answer is yes please let me know how this can be done?

Thanks and Best Regards,
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Re: HP Enclosure

What model is the Switch/Virtual Connect installed in your blade enclosure ?

Do you have networking experience in setting up VLAN's on standard Switches ?
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Re: HP Enclosure

What is the Network Port configuration on BL460G6 ?

Are you using only the onboard NIC's or do you have additional NIC's installed ?
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Re: HP Enclosure


VLAN configuration support is based on the interconnect module.

If you are using just a patch pannel for one to one connectivity that case you may need to configure the VLANs outside.

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Re: HP Enclosure

Hi Mohamed,

This is supported by at least two methods.

1) Use Virtual Connect 1/10GB Ethernet modules. Connect VLANs from different switch ports to the uplink ports on the VC module. Configure the virtual networks in the Virtual Connect Manager via the blade enclosure's Onboard Administrator. Create a server profile for each blade that points to the proper virtual network. NOTE: For this to work you need to install a network card into blade mezzanine 1 or 2 and extra VC-Enet modules into bays 3 & 4 or 5 & 6.

2) Since you are using G6 model blades you can use the new Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules. The blades have 8 Flex-NICs embedded and can be configured to point to virtual networks just as in case #1. One thing to be careful of is that multiple Flex-NICs on the same port cannot be connected to the same VLAN. Example:
LOM 1a - VLAN 100
LOM 1b - VLAN 200
LOM 1c - VLAN 350
LOM 1d - VLAN 800
LOM 2a - VLAN 100
LOM 2b - VLAN 200
LOM 2c - VLAN 350
LOM 2d - VLAN 800
(In this example, I would not be able to switch LAN on motherboard 1d to also be on VLAN 100 like 1a.)

In either case, multiple VLANs are allowed across the same physical cable but then you have to create a shared uplink set within the virtual connect manager. Good luck!

Re: HP Enclosure

thanks all,

I'll have exactly 5 HP BL460c G6 CTO Bladea with addidtionsl 2 NICs and will use 2 HP BLc GbE2c LY 2/3 Switchs for the Interconnect modul.

it would be highly appreciated if someone Could explain how this internally connected.
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Re: HP Enclosure

NIC1 is connected to GbE 2/3 interconnect 1.
NIC2 is conencted to Gbe 2/3 interconnect 2.
NICs 3 & 4 are not connected as you have no interconnects presented to these.
See attached diagram

Re: HP Enclosure

what's the difference between the dotted line and the straight line?

is it active and standby?

please explain this document more.

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Re: HP Enclosure

Straight line is odd numbered NICs, dotted is even numbered NICs.

Mohamed, what you have to realise is there is no active/standby design in the blade enclosure for networking. There are just connections between NICs and interconnects, there is no intelligence or switching in the blade enclosure. That is provided by the switches if you fit them.
For Half height blades NIC1 on every blade connects to Interconnect SWM1, NIC2 on every blade to SWM2. If you have a 2 port Mezzanine in mezz slot 1 then the two NICs on that mezz card will connect to interconnects 3 & 4.

How you VLAN, Route, or have an active/standby solution is in your design, you just use these paths as you define. You can port trunk, vlan trunk or have active/standby dependent on the switch features and network design.
At the moment - if you want 3 NICs for 3 different VLANS - you need a 3rd switch.

There are a lot of similar questions on the forum for the switches them selves.

Re: HP Enclosure

Please find attached the diagram and appreciate if you can confirm that I am correct and this is will be supported with the current BoM.

Below diagram explanation:

1. 5 HP BL460c G6 CTO Blade.
2. 5 HP BLc NC326m NIC Adapter Opt Kit. (total 4 x RJ-45 per blade).
3. 2 HP BLc GbE2c LY 2/3 Switch.
4. 4 HP Blc GbE2c LY 2/3 Fiber SFP Opt Kit.
5. Both Switches will be configured to have 4 VLANs one active and one Standby.
6. For Each Blade, NIC-1 will connected to the active SW and NIC-2 will be connected to the standby one both in same VLAN (vlan-1).
7. For Each Blade, NIC-3 will connected to the active SW and NIC-2 will be connected to the standby one both in same VLAN (vlan-2).
8. Interface Bonding will be configured on each blade Bond-0 (NIC1/2) and Bond-1 (NIC 3/4).

My questions are:

1. Is this design will be supported with the current BoM?
2. Is it fully redundant?
3. Is there cross connectivity between the two S/Ws?
4. Is there a way for the S/Ws to work as active/active? And is STP (Spanning Tree Protocol Supported to avoid looping)?
5. For the S/W product how many ports for download links (from Blades to SW) and upload links (from SW to the other N/W)?