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Re: HP GbE2c firmware upgrade

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HP GbE2c firmware upgrade

Hi All,

We must perform HP GbE2c firmware upgrade. We nee to know what we must upgrade first: boot code firmware or operating system firmware?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: HP GbE2c firmware upgrade

hmm here we go

read here first

if firmware are quite new use firmware bundle 1.6 0r 1.7 is too new
you will find then under this tab on the link above
BladeSystem Matrix - Compatibility

c7000 update guide

Firmware upgrade process :

1. Update the blades
2. Onboard administrator and virtual connect
3. Install the latest proliant support pack

1. Update the blades using the latest firmware cd :

User Guide :

You can use the ilo advanced utilies to mount your local cd drive to the blade. You can use the 60 day trial if you donâ??t have the license :

2. Install HP system update manager
You will find it on the hp firmware disk you downloaded earlier
Using HP SUM :
First update the standby OA controller
Switch it to active
Update the other controller

First update the standby VC controller
Switch it to active
Update the other controller

Alternatively you can also upload the firmware using the web interface.

Please note this important consideration:

If the Virtual Connect firmware version is older than version 1.34, update VC firmware before OA firmware to prevent a network outage.

Starting with VC firmware version 1.34 and later, the VC firmware should be updated after the OA firmware.

Also note that the active and standby controllers can automatically be updated in the correct order using the web interface for the OA and VC.

The enclosure does not need to be rebooted as each OA and VC restarts as needed when doing the updates.

3. Install the latest psp. Either using hp sum or perform a local install on each blade.

Other usefull information on performing maintenance on bladesystems:

Firmware management best practice guide:

This is how we thank each other in the forum

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Re: HP GbE2c firmware upgrade

Or use the upgrade tool for the Gbe2 switches, do the boot code first, then the operation system firmware image.
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Re: HP GbE2c firmware upgrade

And if you happen to get that Backwards????