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Re: HP GbE2c Switch Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

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HP GbE2c Switch Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

Am just new in the Blade System. Just would like to know the proper way of configuring and upgrading the switch firmware. Here are my questions:

1. How do we configure an IP address for a newly installed GbE2c switch remotely.

2. Is it really necessary to update both the firmware and the boot image? Although I read that boot image should be used with the same version firmware, I just want to make some confirmation from those who had experienced the firmware upgrade.

3. Is there an order that should be followed?
Like do I need to update the boot image first before the firmware or vise versa?

4. What are the process in updating the firmware remotely?I had downloaded the HP GbE2c and GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch for c-Class BladeSystem Management Utilities for Windows.

Are there any process aside from using the Utility? Am thinking of an automated process to install remotely the switch firmware on several switch.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP GbE2c Switch Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

1. You can setup an IP address for the bay the switch is plugged into - under the EBIPA settings in the OA under the interconnects tab.

2 & 3. Everyone I know just does them both one after another - not sure if there is a particular order.

4. Follow the procedure in the manual.

But probably best place to ask GbE2c questions is on
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Re: HP GbE2c Switch Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

Thanks Adrian.

There is no problem using the Firmware Upgrade Tool.

However am looking for other process aside from using that utility. My objective is to update several switches remotely.

Can anyone share how to update using the CLI?
Also anyone here tried updating the switch firmware thru HP SIM?