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Re: HP Integrity BL 860 hardware mirror problem

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HP Integrity BL 860 hardware mirror problem

Hi All,

we are facing an issue wih BL 860 Server.
I had mirroed the disks by using the "drvcfg" utility and its optimal. For checking the mirror i had removed the primary hardisk and try to rebooted throught the secondary one.But unfortunately it is not booting.

OS is HPUX 11iv3 BOE ,becuase of that am not able to do the lvm mirroring.

Can u please help me...

Thanx and rgds,
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Re: HP Integrity BL 860 hardware mirror problem

Please run this command from running hp-ux and post the result:

# sasmgr get_info -D /dev/sasd0 -q raid

With your server you can only do a hardware mirror *or* a LVM mirror with internal disks, never both.

Hope this helps!

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