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HP Proliant460c G7 on OpenSUSE 12.1

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HP Proliant460c G7 on OpenSUSE 12.1

Hello everyone.


I am deploying OpenSUSE on a Proliant460c G7 to satisfy a clients request. However, I am running into difficulties utilizing the Emulex OneConnect 10GBe module integrated in our rack (HP VC Flex10 enet Module). For some reason, I am running into issues communicating to my gateway. There were no communication issues prior to this upgrade.


So I am curious, has anyone in this forum successfully deployed OpenSUSE 12.1, or any of the OpenSUSE versions for that matter, using this Proliant blade system / in combo with the Flex 10 Oneconnect ethernet?


According to the Emulex/ & HP nomenclature, the officially supported OSes for the Emulex OneConnect series in this BL system are RHEL and SLES (10 & 11).


I understand the officially supported Suse-OS for Proliant hardware is SLES, however I still would like to know if anyone has had success in utlizing these systems/ and or the Emulex Oneconnect 10Gbe interface with the OpenSUSE series systems..


Anyone's correspondence is greatly appreciated.




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Re: HP Proliant460c G7 on OpenSUSE 12.1

i haven't tried OpenSUSE before but my feeling is that technically it should work.


Did you try to use latest firmware/driver for BL460G7 and Emulex LOM? I'd suggest to use latest SPP 2011.02 and SUM5.0 to do an online update for the blade.



after upgrade, if still not working, we can check VC config.

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