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HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

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HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

We're looking to buy the Flex-10 VC and have a Cisco Catalyst 6500 in place. We would like utilize 10Gb. What options do we have available?

We have looked at the Cisco Catalyst 6500 4-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Module with some SR XenPaks. If we go down that route it looks as though we would need some HP BladeSystem 10Gb SR SFP+ (455883-B21) to plug into the VC. The pictures of that module seem to suggest an integrated cable, is that the case?

Also are there any options for us to use the copper cables?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

There are many different options for 10Gb Connectivty with VC, all of them will be listed on the quickspecs, for 10Gb fiber the options are:

HP BladeSystem 10Gb SR SFP+ 455883-B21
HP BladeSystem 10Gb LR SFP+ 455886-B21
HP BladeSystem 10Gb LRM SFP+ 455889-B21

It will require a fiber, is not integrated. On the other hand, there is the Direct Attached Cable, which is the cable and the SFP on one piece, options are:

HP 0.5m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable 487649-B21
HP 1m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable 487652-B21
HP 3m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable 487655-B21
HP 5m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable 537963-B21
HP 7m SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cable 487658-B21

Also, ther Porx X1 on the Flex10 Module is a 10Gb CX4 connector, it can be connected to a CX4 module on the 6500, optional cables are:

HP .5m 10GbE CX4 Cable 444477-B21
HP 1m 10GbE CX4 Cable 444477-B22
HP 3m 10GbE CX4 Cable 444477-B23
HP 15m 10GbE CX4 Cable 444477-B27

Quickspecs are available here, look at related options section: Options
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Re: HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

Thanks for your help. I had found a list of modules in the quick specs guide but the picture of the SR sfp+ module suggested an integrated cable much like the direct attached cable.

In regards to the direct attached cable, if we can find a Cisco line card that accepts sfp+ modules would they be a viable option? I imagine them to be the cheapest option. I imagine the answer is yes as I found a similar thread regarding connectivity to a Cisco Nexus switch.
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Re: HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

The SFP listed looks like the attached picture. Regarding the DAC, you will need to use HP DAC (Any other vendor is not compatible with VC) and make sure it will be suppported on the cisco switch.
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Re: HP VC Flex-10 to Cisco 6500

The Cisco 6500 line cards are described here:

One line card has 10gig twisted pair (warning: oversubscribed 4:1 internally). The 4-port uses XENPACK modules:
The others use X2 modules:

CX4 is the least expensive option, but may not be an option if you are using Flex10 depening on how many CX4 ports you need to run your blade environment.

SR optics is next.