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HPE C7000 - Packet Loss to Bay iLO Addresses

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HPE C7000 - Packet Loss to Bay iLO Addresses

Hi there,

I have a pair of C7000 enclosures with redundant OAs in both and the enclosure interconnect cable in place.

What I'm seeing is packet loss to the bay iLO addresses, which makes installing OSes via the iLO console rather difficult as the Blade is constantly loosing connectivity to the ISO mounted via iLO.

A ping to the OA addresses is solid, but all iLO addresses are exhibiting packet loss.

This is the same across both enclosures.

Any ideas?


Re: HPE C7000 - Packet Loss to Bay iLO Addresses

1. Reseat OA tray(Physically pull the OA tray from the enclosure and then plug it back in). 

2. Verify OA event log and if you found “Kernel: Network flood sources” messages then please segregate Management and production network. These message only appears if Onboard Administrator firmware is higher than 4.60. 

3. Verify iLO IP address in Enclosure EBIPA option. 

4. If still issue continued, please log a ticket with HPE support team for further assistance.

I am an HPE Employee

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