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I can not assign IP for CISCO 3020

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I can not assign IP for CISCO 3020

I can not assign IP Address for CISCO 3020 in C7000 OA,it alwasys display,how can I solve the problem!!

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Re: I can not assign IP for CISCO 3020

The OA will only see the 3020's FastEthernet0 interface.

If you have the 3020's IP address set on a Switched Virtual Interface, like "interface vlan 1" then the OA will not see the IP address.

If you set the ip address on Fa0 then the OA will see it and all mgmt traffic for the 3020 will go through the OA/ILO port instead of through the uplinks.

If you have not set up any IP address on the 3020, you can use EBIPA or connect to the console of the 3020 and configure an IP address.