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IMLs Indicating Power Enclosures Names Conflict

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IMLs Indicating Power Enclosures Names Conflict

hi dear friends,
I have 7 p-class blade enclosures located in 3 racks. We have provided 2 redundant single-phase 3U p-class power enclosure for each rack, using dual power input kits. Each power enclosure has 4 power supply modules.
Firmware version of the power and server enclosures is 2.33 (seems to be the latest).
The enclosure management modules are healthy and the load balance cables are present.
Despite, I have some IMLs, indicating these errors:

"Power Enclosure Rack Name Conflict (Enclosure Serial Number ......)"
"Power Enclosure Power Supplies Not Redundant (in Braker, Enclosure Serial Number ......)"

I see these two lines in IML of all blade servers. I also have another IML in only one enclosure's servers:

"3-Power Enclosure AC Power Problem(Power Supply 1, Reason: AC Power Loss, Enclosure Serial Number ....)"


Re: IMLs Indicating Power Enclosures Names Conflict

Well I can tell you that I have had the same issue in the past and was told by HP to upgrade to firmware revision 2.32 which specifically addresses the issue you describe. Once i upgraded the alerts stopped for awhile then resurfaced a few months later. Again I was asked to upgrade the firmware revision to 2.33
Again I upgraded and am still seeing these alerts intermittently. If it helps I had a technician replace the power management module on the affected enclosure and this seemed to help somewhat. I have also reset the power management module (on back of enclosure) and this has also helped.