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Info on how to do power cabling for -48VDC enclosures

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Info on how to do power cabling for -48VDC enclosures

Nickolay had  questions about how to provide proper power cabling for -48VDC enclosures.





Are there any docs/manuals about 48V DC c-Class enclosure installation, cabling and power up ?


A customer of mine has a problems with power cabling of enclosure...



We got some input from Linar on the problem:



Hi Nikolay,


could that guides be of any help?


DC Input Module Installation Instructions:



also c7000 Carrier-Grade Setup and Install Guide (under "Cabling the enclosure for DC power"):





Have you encountered this problem? Provide some of your insite if you can.


Re: Info on how to do power cabling for -48VDC enclosures

This public document that I wrote: shows as well what you as a  customer need to order and do to make from a C7000 a C7000 with DC power input and  DC PSU's.


It will show as well what is in the box of the DC power input module when you order it.

Just let me know if you have any questoins further; we have this setup & running within our lab with great pleasure.


Connecting it all up is simple: the RED (-48V)  cable go's primarily to the upper nut and the black cable (Grnd) to the bottom NUT labeled as RTN.


ENjoy, Jeroen

(I am an HPE employee)