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Installation of SB40c on a C3000

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Installation of SB40c on a C3000


I want to install a SB40c on an existing Enclosure C3000

in the enclosure i have 2 blades bl460c and i wanted to connect the Storage blade sb40c to the first blade.

The enclosure only have 2 power supply and four fans.

First question. How many power supplys and Fans do i need

Second question. Do i need to buy an aditional mezzanine card for the blade to connect the sb40c?

Last question. Can i connect the sb40c to both blades bl460c at the same time? (like a cluster)

Tks in advance.
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Re: Installation of SB40c on a C3000

The SB40 attaches *only* to the blade next to it within the same bay domain. In the 3000 you 2 domains of 4 bays each.

Since you only use 3 of the 8 bays you should not need more than the default 4 power supplies. Check out the power-sizer tool for blades in

I don't think you need a mezzanine card with the BL460c-SB40c connectivity. See options section in The mezzanine card is for full height server blades only.

No you can not connect the SB40c to both servers at the same time.

Re: Installation of SB40c on a C3000

tks for the answer!