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Re: Installing RHEL4U4-64Bit on a BL460c

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Installing RHEL4U4-64Bit on a BL460c

Hi All,

We've just put in our first blade system, and after finally (we think) configuring the switch correctly I'm trying to install U4 via iLO.

However despite trying both NFS, FTP and HTTP installs the blade is unable to see the server.

Some people have suggested that because there is currently only one switch in the enclosure, the iLO is blocking the ethernet card, but that doesnt really ring true.

Does anyone know if there are any specific boot flags that need to be passed at startup?

The switch can see the relevant VLAN, the ports have been set to that VLAN and the blades MAC addresses are being seen on the other switches.

Any help would be much appreciated as this thing is driving me nuts.


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Re: Installing RHEL4U4-64Bit on a BL460c


I don't buy the iLo issue.

Things to check:
1) Network connections, normal lights?
2) Switch port indicates link?
3) OS media. IA-64 for Itanium other media for non-itanium chips.
4) tcpdump on the network, to see if the system is even getting on the network. Watch for DHCP if relavent
5) See that your network configuration is compatible with your network. See if there is mac address filtering on the switch.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Installing RHEL4U4-64Bit on a BL460c

Boker Tov,

Its an internal port on the switch so there are no link lights, but OA shows everything green.

Media is X86_64 with a working boot.iso image from RedHat support (media supplied image has a number of bugs).

As for the switch configuration, well we can see the switch on the network, and see the blades MAC addresses which should indicate that its ok.

I'm trying to do a CD install via iLO, that should give me an OS on the inside of the switch so I can start debugging.