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Integrity Blade - How many ILO telnet sessions?

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Integrity Blade - How many ILO telnet sessions?

Have a BL870C, with an ILO connection. Can only establish two telnet sessions to the ILO IP, then it doesn't accept any more ... says I have reached the max limit. Is that really the max? 2? Is that documented anywhere? Thanks.
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Re: Integrity Blade - How many ILO telnet sessions?


According to the ILO3 Operations Guide:

Multiple users
Multiple users can interact with iLO 3. However, iLO 3 command mode and console mode are
mirrored, allowing only one user at a time to have write access to the shared console. When a
command is completed, write access is released, and any user can initiate another command.
IMPORTANT: Although iLO 3 can support multiple simultaneous connections, to do so can impact
performance. HP does not recommend running more than eight simultaneous connections.
Integrity iLO 3 supports the following connections simultaneously:
â ¢ Four web (each web connection can have a remote serial console connection as well and not
be counted as part of the total number of connections allowed)
â ¢ Six SSH
â ¢ One console serial port
â ¢ Two Telnet
â ¢ One vMedia

So, Yes only two telnet sessions are allowed.

Hope this helps.

Rick T.
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Re: Integrity Blade - How many ILO telnet sessions?

Rick, that's great. Now I realize that I also have 6 ssh connections (confirmed) besides the 2 telnet sessions. Appreciate it!