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Intermittent changes in the Server Health Status LED

Honored Contributor

Intermittent changes in the Server Health Status LED

It was noted on Monday that 2 of the 3 BL860c
blades in one of our enclosures had the Server Health Status LED flashing Amber. The Internal Heath LED's on the same 2 blades were indicating a "change of state" at ~22:24 Sunday Night, coincident with a cluster boot we did at that time, which included a cold boot on the two servers in question. I'm guessing that this could be the cause of the Server LED status going to "Flashing Amber"
I cannot swear to the status of the Internal Health LED's since I have been working from home (flu).

I did check the Insight Display, and all looked OK, so either the condition was not registering, or the Insight Display doesn't handle these situations.

It would be really cool if the status of these LED could be shown either in Insight display, or Rack Overview.

Anyway, enough wishfull thinking. Can anyone explain why the Server Health LED was still Flashing Amber almost 24 hours later??

Also I finally managed to get someone to go and check the internal health LED today, and what do you know, everything is green again. I know the servers havent been touched since these are production servers and they have been up since ~midnight Sunday Night.

Just trying to broaden my understanding, I would appreciate any explanations.