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Is anybody using Blade System Matrix

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Is anybody using Blade System Matrix


we are seriously considering this private cloud in a box - Blade System Matrix.

Need your recommendations.

1) Are you using Blade System matrix? Any precautions, experiences, good/bad

2) Any implementations? how long it took

3) Does it really work?
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Re: Is anybody using Blade System Matrix

Since BladeSystem Matrix comes with a high level of support, I'd be a little surprised if many Matrix customers visit this "do-it-yourself support" forum. Check for some customer examples like McKesson, ResourceAG and RPCI. Some additional quotes at

Better yet, your sales team can provide private references and potentially arrange conversations with them if you want.

There are several high profile users of BladeSystem Matrix such as those featured in this video:

In terms of time, many customers like you wanted a more deterministic timeframe to implement their private cloud. In other words, once the installers "turn the keys over" to you having completed the installation and having a functioning infrastructure, in many ways your work has just begun in implementing your private cloud. For that, we have debuted a service called CloudStart that will get you a functioning private cloud in 30 days or less: