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Is there a suitable alternative to UE602E install service?

Regular Advisor

Is there a suitable alternative to UE602E install service?

I'm currently planning deployment of my second c7000/VC environment and am happy with the VC (eth & FC) side of things but one thing I'm debating is whether to purchase the install side of things from HP.

I remember the first time around that the install was rather convoluted (and the HP guys struggled a bit with it themselves) but this time (due to various reasons) we possibly won't make best use of all of it.

In a nutshell, we'll *only* be deploying 4 x ESXi servers (i.e. no future requirement for other blades with other OS's etc.) so the RDP side of things is arguably less reuired.

I'm also very comfortable with the VirtualConnect side of things so don't need hand-holding there.

Really speaking it'll just be the monitoring/power management side of things that would be of most use to us.

So, is there a better (i.e. more cost-effective) way of getting that (i.e. a standard HP Insight manager install training course) or is there something in this carepaq that makes it far more c-Class-centric?