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Re: issue deploying windows 2k3 x64 on BL460c

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issue deploying windows 2k3 x64 on BL460c

Hi there,

3 weeks ago, I installed Windows 2003 64 bits on a BL460C blade server (part number 416653-B21 ). I did a scripted installation through RDP 3.70 and installed all microsoft updates. I then did a sysprep capture through RDP and got an image of my server. I tested deploying this image on the same server with RDP sysprep deployment on a different set of hard disks. It worked perfectly. (did several tests with 3 different images)

3 days ago, I received new BL460C servers (part number 459486-B21) This a really recent release of BL460C. I tried to deploy the same image on these servers through RDP (sysprep deployment)and it went ok. The problem is that I get a blue screen during Windows startup... I tried several times with different images from my initial server and the issue remains. I took the HD's from my initial server and inserted them into the new and I did not get any blue screen, which means I apparently have compatible drivers... Windows runs correctly.
I then tried to insert the hard drives that came with the new servers into the initial one to deploy my image but there again I get a blue screen. The HD are not the same reference, the initila are 10K 72 GB disks while the new ones are 15K 72 GB.

Has anybody encountered similar issues ? I will be able to perform more tests next weeks so if anybody has an idea or some advice, thad would be nice to hear...

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Re: issue deploying windows 2k3 x64 on BL460c

If it's got 2 processors, you might have to downgrade the firmware.

Try installing the newest System Rom, if that doesn't work, you may have to go back to this version, it worked for me.
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Re: issue deploying windows 2k3 x64 on BL460c

thanks for the reply.

I finally resolved this issue by updating the HD's with Firmware CD 8.00. The HD are now version HPD 7 and I got rid of these blue screens.
Firmware CD 7.91 never advised me that the HD were not at the right version and the 8.00 version was released really recently.