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Issues configuring VLAN on Gb2ec and CISCO 4507

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Issues configuring VLAN on Gb2ec and CISCO 4507

Hi there.

I'm a bit confusing with my VLAN configuration with theses components. Here's my configuration:

From HP
c7000 enclosure
GbE2c switch
6 blades with 2 FlexFabric-10 each

Catalyst 4507R-E core switch

I'm trying to configure these VLANS:

2 - Management (VTP and switch conversation)
3 - iLO and interconnect bays
4 - VMWare Kernel Port
5 - Datacenter (Servers)

... and so on

All of these VLANs are configured on CISCO and he is the VTP Server

The following lines are about the configuration ports with link HP switch.

interface GigabitEthernet 1/31
description c7000_enc01
switchport mode trunk

On the Gbe2c side, port 20 is linked to Cisco switch. I tried several configurations, but I couldn't ping the VLAN's subinterfaces (for each VLAN created on CISCO, I create a subinterface) and it seems that the trunk is not working (I issued the /cfg/port 20/tag ena command).

My question is: like others access CISCO switches (2960S), on the ports where I connect them to 4507, I simply put these ones on trunking mode (switchport mode trunk) and let the switch as a VTP client. No other config were required to work. How do I config the same to Gbe2c??

Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but de procedure is the same, e.g, I have to put the uplink port (20) on trunk mode (enable tagging), right? What other configuration I have to do?

I have others questions to do, like how to configure the downlink ports, OA VLANs, but I think first of all I need to understand this part :)

Thanks in advance.

/cfg/port 20/tag ena
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Re: Issues configuring VLAN on Gb2ec and CISCO 4507


tagging your port 20 is the first step but this does not automatically cause all VLANs to run on that port. "tag ena" in GBE2 is not exactly like "mode trunk" in Cisco.

GBE2s do not support VTP.

the next step is to go to your VLAN configuration in the GBE2 and add port 20 to each VLAN.