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Keeping TCP/IP traffic inside c-Class Enclosure


Keeping TCP/IP traffic inside c-Class Enclosure

Just looking for the official answer to this question:

Can you send TCP/IP traffic between blades without leaving the enclosure?

(I know the answer is yes, here are the real questions:)

1. Is Layer 3 necessary to accomplish this?
ie. the BNT GbE2c L2/3 switch?

If yes:
2. Since the Cisco 3020 is only Layer 2, does this mean that the 3020's will have to leave the enclosure to hit a Layer 3 switch then come back to the enclosure to get to the target blade?

If no:
3. Does this mean that the GbE2c L2 or GbE2c L2/3 or Cisco 3020 will accomplish this?

4. Are there steps within one of the manuals or something in particular I should point customers to that shows how to set this up?

5. On the switches that support this, could it be done with more than 2 switches in an enclosure. ie. Let's say you have 16 blades with dual port mezz in slot 1 and quad in slot 2 and you are filling up all 8 slots with switches, could you daisy chain switches and stay within enclosure for all blade to blade communications?

Thank you for any help I hope these questions make sense. I will monitor this post and reply back right away with any follow up questions.


Re: Keeping TCP/IP traffic inside c-Class Enclosure

I think I have found the answer:

You need RIP or OSPF to accomplish this OR the Virtual Connect module.

So, GbE2c L2/L3 or VC-Eth to accomplish inter-enclosure communications.

If I am incorrect here or anyone else has thoughts on this please share...

Valued Contributor

Re: Keeping TCP/IP traffic inside c-Class Enclosure


From my understanding... If you use VLAN's then you need the Layer 3 switch capacbilites if you need one VLAN to pass data to a different VLAN. The only blade switch would then be the GBE2c L2/3.

If you don't use VLAN's the traffic will be switched inside the switch automatically.

Yes, you can daisy chain multiple Ethernet switches inside the same chassis.

If you want to use the 4 port GBe cards with the half sized servers (BL460/5) and use all 4 ports of the mezannine you have to use Mess-2, with 4 Ethernet Switches in slot 5,6,7,8. If you want to use all 4 the Ethernet ports on a full sized blade (BL480/685)the MEZZ1 need switches in slot 1,2,3,4. Mezz2 must have Switches in 5,6,7,8 and Mezz3 must also have switches in 5,6,7,8

Hope this helps



Re: Keeping TCP/IP traffic inside c-Class Enclosure

Thank you for the reply, this is what I have heard back from BNT and others on this subject. If you stay within the same VLAN/subnet it keeps traffic inside switches/between switches.

One thing on your info about the Mezz cards, I think you meant to say switch bay 3 and 4 for the MEZZ1 on the full height. Bay 1 and 2 is always for embedded switch ports, Bay 3 and 4 is for all 4 ports on MEZZ1 on the full height (and the 2 ports on the half height.).

Thank you again for the VLAN info!