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Local resources and new BL870c i2 Blades

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Local resources and new BL870c i2 Blades

I have been unable to find any docs so I thought I would ask the question here:

Is there any concept of "local" resources (CPU & Memory) on the new BL870c/890c i2 servers with them being built out of multiple server blades?
Is this a configurable part of PRM ?

What I eventually want are several Secure Resource Partitions under Serviceguard each running an Oracle 11g instance with its own logical set of resources.

What logic would suggest to do is distribute the memory in a way which mirrors the CPU distribution under the PRM config. Like we would have done on Cell boards for NUMA.
I have just read the memory loading rules and that might not exactly fit what we are trying to do.

For Example - If we have one large memory requirement and, say, 4 equal CPU requirements on a BL870c i2 should we look to load a particular set of quads to give a particular socket more "local" memory.
All contributions gratefully received.
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Re: Local resources and new BL870c i2 Blades

So, one doc I dragged up that I would hope you take a look over:

As you'll note in the Memory Architecture section - these blades should be configured as ccNUMA by default. So yes, there most certainly should be by default local resources - memory will be configured as "Socket Local" to go with the cpus of the Socket which is driving the DIMM banks.

There's a link to a paper from this which gives more detail (and I suspect you'll want to look at the Interleaving and Performance section specifically):

On the last question, yes -- that's likely what you'd want to do... as long as you account for the Interleave memory as applied to the other sockets. (If you take a 64Gb system, such that you expect 8Gb ILV with the default settings - you may not want to give 4Gb to 3 sockets and 52Gb to a fourth. All the sockets would contribute 2Gb to the ILV (for the 8Gb total), leaving 2Gb socket local on the first three and 50Gb on the last. 2Gb may be too small for your intended local loads on those sockets...)
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Re: Local resources and new BL870c i2 Blades

There is a NUMA white paper.

The blades just like all HPUX 11iv3 systems support processor binding. Using PRM you can allocate processors to certain groups of processes using PRM.