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Location Discovery - Platinum Enclosure

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Location Discovery - Platinum Enclosure

Martin was looking for help with Location Discovery Services (LDS)




I am trying to get the location Discovery for a c7000 Platinum enclosure to work in a demo/test environment, but I am struggling in the following topics:

  • Where can I find the Location Discovery Information in the Onboard Administrator?

          o   For a rackmount server there is in iLO the Section “Location Discovery Service” which I can’t find in the OA…

  • How can I trigger a refresh of the Location Discovery Information?

          o   We installed the location Discovery Kit after the Enclosure has been mounted and powered up and the information is not present...

          o   For a Rackmount Server I need to reset the iLO in order to detect/rescan the location discovery data, but what do I need to do for a enclosure? Reset the OA?


Many thanks in advance!




Lots of help:


From Hussain:

If you go to OA -> Enclosure Information -> Information, it will show a table called “Rack Information” which includes the rack position for this enclosure.



Input from Monty:

Location Discovery data is only supplied by HP Intelligent Series racks:


The c7000 G3 enclosure is the first c-Class blade enclosure supporting Location Discovery – but this enclosure must be installed in one of the HP Intelligent racks before any data is available from the OA.


Also from Juergen:

Just my 2ct., the new Midline rack series HP 11000 do support LDS as well.

Sure all know this.


And from Dan:

The LDS data is read from the rack (if available) at OA boot time.  You must reboot the OA to force a “re-read” attempt (it is not necessary to power off the enclosure).  Support for LDS was introduced into the OA firmware in OA 3.60.


Any other input?