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Login failure to blades via ILO

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Login failure to blades via ILO

Just setting up a new C7000, I have added a user with admin privs and selected all bays and interconnects and selected a password and did a update. I then try to login direct to a blade via the browser window and it brings up the ILO login page but gives me a login failure. I tried the Administrator account and that does the same thing. What am I missing here?

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Re: Login failure to blades via ILO


The user settings you setup on the c7000 chassi doesn't get transfered to the ILO boards of the servers. They have their own userconfig. But if you select the server under Device bays then ILO menu and then click Web Administrations it uses a Single sign-on so that you are a Administrator on the ilo.

But if you go direct to the ilo via browser you need to create a administrator account on the ILO itself.