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Re: Mezz card Interconnect connectivity

New Member

Mezz card Interconnect connectivity

I want to do external loop back test of mezzanine card on a c class blade. My blade onboard administrator shows that Mezzanine card M1 is connected to Int 3. The interconnect is a GbE2c with 5 ports. TO put the mezzanine card in loopback do i need to connect external loopback plugs to all ports of the Gbe2C or any specific one.
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Re: Mezz card Interconnect connectivity

putting loopback plugs on the external ports of the GBE2c will not be the same thing as putting a loopback plug on a NIC. There is not a way to do that physically with the GBE2c's installed in a c-Class enclosure.

If you are just trying to run diagnostics from the Network Configuration Utility, the Loopback test should work without loopback plugs.