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Mixing HP Blade Enclosures with Competition

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Mixing HP Blade Enclosures with Competition

Reginald was looking for some advice:




        I have my own thoughts on the situation but wanted to get some feedback from the community. I have a customer who uses IBM blades today and will start using HP blades along side of IBM. The customer wants to place some of our enclosures into existing racks where they are using IBM "H"series enclosures. The PDU's that they use today are comparable to our S348 (p/n: AF916A) where they use (4) of these in a single rack to support the IBM enclosures. What liability concerns or issues could we have when mixing different vendors enclosures within the same rack. Is this something that we should support or should we be asking the customer to separate the vendors due to power concerns.


From the customer's perspective, it helps them save on space and having to purchasing new racks that may not be needed. Technically it possible but I want to look past that for issues or concerns having to do with availability. Is this something that HP would recommend to a customer who might have excess space capacity in their datacenter racks?





Dave had some thoughts:




As long as the current is within tolerance, legally they could probably use their PDUs.


However, if they are mixing HP and IBM enclosures on the same PDU,

be prepared for finger pointing if there is any hiccup on either side!




What do you think? Have you done this? The issue I can see is around the Thernal Logic, Power Capping, Capacity Planning, etc. and using those technologies in the data center really requires coordination with the PDUs that supply that power. HP also has a power load balancing best practices to prevent overloading one circuit or the other.


Your thoughts?