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MP "BP" command for resetting EFI passwords.

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MP "BP" command for resetting EFI passwords.

At the moment, the MP login is Admin/Admin (i.e. unchanged since initial install).

My firmware upgrade indicates that it will fail if the system "has an EFI Administrator password set", and suggests running the MP CM command "BP" prior to installation.

The command help just says that the BMC passwords (both ADMIN and USER) will be reset, but doesnt say what to.

Am I correct in assuming that ADMIN will be reset to "Admin", and USER to "User". And if that is the case, is it necessary to still run the "BP" command.

The instructions for Non-Windowz OS' (mine is OpenVMS), indicates that the "MPS optimization switch should be turned ON" using the "ioconfig mps_optimize on" command.
Is this a "shell" command??
or, is it in one of the CM sub-menues??

thanks for your help.

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Re: MP "BP" command for resetting EFI passwords.

The "BMC password" is usually the same than the "EFI password" which is NOT the MP login/password.

On older integrity servers the BMC was accessible via the serial 2 port and a BMC password can be set.
On other types of Integrity Servers it is possible to set both an Admin and User password in the "Security Configuration" Menu of the Bootoptions Maintenance Menu.
You will then be asked for a password, if you for example try to access the EFI shell.

in case this password is forgotten, you can use the "bp" MP command to remove this password (no prompt for a password will apear then anymore), so the "default" password is empty.

The MP password is no affected by the "bp" command.

Regarding your 2nd question:

"ioconfig" is an EFI shell command.
You have to reboot your system and choose "EFI Shell [Built-in]" in the Bootoptions Menu to get to the EFI shell.
below you find the help of this command:
Shell> help ioconfig
Deconfigure or reconfigure IO components or settings

IOCONFIG [fast_init|wol [on|off]]

fast_init Specifies device connection policy setting
wol Specifies System Wake-On-LAN setting
on|off Specifies to configure or deconfigure a feature or component

1. If fast_init is enabled, firmware will connect only the minimum set of
devices during boot. This feature might cause boot failure; disable this
feature if failure occurs.

2. Any pending Wake-On-LAN request will not be cleared until reboot if
the setting is changed to disabled.

System will clear pending Wake-On-LAN requests each time the system
reboots if the setting is disabled.

* To display the current settings
fs0:\> ioconfig
Fast initialization: Enabled
System Wake-On-LAN: Disabled
Press ENTER to continue, 'q' to exit:

* To display the current device connection policy setting
fs0:\> ioconfig fast_init
Fast initialization: Enabled

* To disable fast initialization
fs0:\> ioconfig fast_init off
Fast initialization: Disabled

* To enable the System Wake-On-LAN setting
fs0:\> ioconfig wol on
System Wake-On-LAN: Enabled

best regards

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Re: MP "BP" command for resetting EFI passwords.

Thank you Stefan, perfect answer.