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Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC

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multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC

Hello Guys;


We installed 4 BLc 7000 with 16 servers on each. conected to 2 VC flex 10 with 1 uplink 1GB Shared for all servers in each enclosure conected to cisco 6500. after configuring the profile servers and  maping 3 vlan ot each server . the problem is when we configured teaming on windows 2008R2 the conection is lost the server are not accesible 

 plus today we figure out if we boot only more than 2 servers in each enclosure with teaming the conection also timed out.


could some one please post the best pratcice for virtual conect configuration with multyple vlan on each servers and if there is any config should be done on  when configuring the teaming


does anyone faced this situation before?


best regards



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Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC

1.    Create a second Uplinkset on each enclosure.     The best practice would be;


a)    Create your UpLinkSets in pairs, e.g.  UPLINK_1_L and UPLINK_1_R.    UPLINK_1_L should be made up of uplink port(s) on the Flex10 module in Bay 1, and UPLINK_1_R should use ports on the Flex10 in Bay 2.

b)    Connect your Uplink(s) from bay 1 Flex10 to an external (preferably redundent) switch.     Similarly connect your uplink(s) from Bay 2 Flex10 to (hopefully) the (other redundent) external switch.

c)    For each VLAN create 2 VC vlans, i.e for VLAN_20, create two VC vLANs, vLAN_20_L and vLAN_20_R.    As you create them, assign all of the vLAN_XX_L vLANs to UPLINK_1_L. and all of your vLAN_XX_R vLANs to UPLINK_1_R.


As far as your teaming is concerned, you need to understand that on your blades, you have 2 (or 4 depending on model) onboard NICs.    NIC1 is HARDWIRED to the VC module in BAY 1, and NIC2 is HARDWIRED to the VC Module in BAY 2.


Teaming pairs should be made up of a Odd numbered NIC and and Even numbered NIC.     If you are using FlexNICs, then the pair should be a vNIC on NIC 1, with a vNIC on NIC 2.


From your description, the configuration (while not the best), should at least work.       Do all of your downlinks (module to blade) show as green in VCM, and does your OS report the links UP??


One last thing, you dont say which bays you have the Flex10's in, and I am assuming that they are in Bays 1 & 2.   If you dont have a VC module in both bays 1 and 2, they that is probably the root of your problem.     With out a module in Bay 2, the even numbered NICs will never talk to the outside world.


Hope this helps in someway.




Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC

Hello Dave;


attached are the configuration done stil the same problem i i have 4 network card on each VC i am using this 


SFP P/N: 453156-001

 VC: 455880-B21


i Dont know if are a compatibilty problem could some on advise if this SFPs are compatible with MY VC's






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Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC


        I cant really comment on your teaming setup, or your profile (although the profile looks OK to me), I am not a windows person.


Regarding the SFP.    


The quickspecs say that the PN = 453154-B21.     

A google search for 453156-001 comes up with something similar (called "HP 1GB RJ-45") and lists 453154-B21 as a "variant"


doing the same for  453154-B21 (called "HP BladeSystem 1Gb RJ-45 SFP Opt Kit") does NOT list 453156-001 as a variant, (however that id not necessarily your issue).


A thought just occurred to me, What do you have installed in IC Bays 3 and 4?? (for the Mezz Card)




Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC



in Bay 1/2  VC: 455880-B21

in bay 3/4 CISCO 3020: 410916-B21

in Bay 5/6 VC Fiber: 572018-B21


Thank You In advance 






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Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC

Why is Team #2 Red?  Have you verified the Mac addresses from the profile to within Windows to make sure you have the right cards selected?  What is the story with 3 & 4 being unassigned.  Have you tried disabling those two Ports?


Re: multy Vlan with Flex 10 VC



There is similar issue with ESXi 5.0 which is affected by driver version, check the below link which states the firmware and driver versions, see if update resolves the issue.



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