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Re: NC553i on BL460G7 and 1GB Pass-thru

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NC553i on BL460G7 and 1GB Pass-thru

According to the following advisory:
"HP NC550m, NC551i and NC553i 10GbE Server Adapters may indicate a false link status when mapped to an HP 1 GB Ethernet Pass-thru module even if there is no cable attached from the Pass-thru module to the switch."

This ruins our failover capabilities with bonding, if the cable happens to fail or if someone unplugs it.

The "resolution" outlined in the advisory is not acceptable:

If network connectivity is not present but the server blade front panels NIC LED status is illuminated green, indicating link, and your specific operating systems messaging or indicators show network connectivity being established, check the physical status of the uplink cable to the 1 GB Pass-thru module. There must be a cable connected from the uplink port of the Pass-thru module to a powered up switch, router, or NIC.

Anyone knows how to solve this or if HP is working on getting it fixed ?
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Re: NC553i on BL460G7 and 1GB Pass-thru

Ran into the same problem using the embedded NIC ports on the BL460G7 blade.


Ethernet Pass Thru module firmware v3.0.3 solves the problem per the 6/6/2011 version of the advisory.



Re: NC553i on BL460G7 and 1GB Pass-thru

No luck, i also suffered from the same pass-thru firmware problem , but this is differnent, this enclosure is updated with OA FW 3.32 and the passthrus are already at 3.0.3.

If i downgrade the firmware to the oldest version available things start working (albeilt without support for RHEL5.7 or 6.1)