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Need help on a "Power Draw" question

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Need help on a "Power Draw" question

A customer question from Madhu:




We have a question from my customer that I need help explaining.  HP delivered a Compute Rack with:

- 2x c7000 (BL460 Gen9 blades)

- 10x DL360s

- 4 Arista TOR switches

- above all plugged into 2x HP PDUs (17.3KVA Managed)


And a Storage Rack with:

- 16x DL380 Gen9s (lff and 25sff) with lots of storage fully populated

- 2 Arista TOR switches

- above all plugged into 2x HP PDUs (17.3KVA Managed)


The customer simply plugged everything in and has no OS installed on any of these systems (no drivers/agents), no activity on any of these systems.  The PDU's are showing a little over 5KW per PDU (Total of 10KW) in the compute racks. And the Storage racks are drawing about 2.5 KW per PDU(Total of 5KW).


We had run our configs through the power advisor and come up with Idle 4.5KW Storage Rack Idle 3KW.  Do the above findings seem OK, because the customer is expressing concern that idle consumption seems high. Can someone help validate this and explain why there is a difference?


Thanks for any pointers.




info from Dave:




I would make sure that all blades and DL's are completing POST as this can cause fans to run fast.


Make sure that all power cords are in their sockets completely as the other supply may be running a higher percent.

I've seen power cords slip during transport.

Check front of Dl's for orange lights(some issue).




Other comments?