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Need some advices on power consumption of a C7000

Trusted Contributor

Need some advices on power consumption of a C7000

Dung was looking for some advice:




Hi All,

I really appreciate your quick help if you can provide some ideas about:


 *        Power consumption per Blade Server . In my case BL460 G7 server 2x 12 cores

 *        Power consumption of C7000 with 16 Blade BL460 G7

 *        Power consumption of an EVA 4400 with 48 disks?


Anyone knows a formula to get that?




From Steve:




Really, power used by a single blade is of little relevance unless you include the power required to support that blade IE; fans, switching, power conversion etc.


I typically take an enclosure as configured, and divide by 16 blades for an avg. power consumption.


Dung, do you have a more detailed config of the blades and the network switching?  Also, not supporting 12 core CPUs on the BL460c G7, Intel has 8 core CPUs today, AMD (BL465c G7) would provide 12 cores though.  How much RAM, local disk etc.?




Any other help for Dung?