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Network Servers on C3000 with GBE2-3

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Network Servers on C3000 with GBE2-3

I have been working with my networking ISP (manages our cisco stuff).  We have created an ether channel and have, at least as far as I can tell, configured the 1st switch in the C3000 correctly.  But of course the servers cannot talk to the outside at all.  So that would lead me to believe that something is wrong.  Is there something special that needs to be done to get the onboard nics to talk through the GBE after the appropriate VLAN configuration is set?  

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Re: Network Servers on C3000 with GBE2-3

Should be in the "HP Proliant Networking Software" (used to be called NCU) - have you tried to use that?
In there is where you configure bonding/teaming.