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New To Blade

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New To Blade

Hi There i will no doubt have a few questions to ask about my new blade system but firstly,

How can you change the Partner device to a different blade?

And am i right in saying that for every blade to access a storage blade they would need a mezzaine card?


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Re: New To Blade

I assume you're talking about the SB40c storage blade, which you place in the bay next to a server blade.

The 'partner' relationships are fixed - for example, for half-height blades, here are the 'partners' bays:

1 and 2
3 and 4
5 and 6
7 and 8
9 and 10
11 and 12
13 and 14
15 and 16

The HP PCI Express Mezzanine pass-thru card is only needed with full-height server blades.
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Re: New To Blade

Hi Thanks for the reply, Ok that makes sense thankyou.

I have 6 Server blades 1 storage blade and a tape blade, and was told by a hp sales rep that in order for the servers to access the storage blade they would need the mezz cards so i purchased them.

So are you saying that unless i have full height blades i dont need them? and if so wh is it that the full height blades use them, what exactly do they do?

Thanks again

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Re: New To Blade


as already mentioned, if you only have half height blades you do not need the PCI pass throuh mezz card.
What that pass-through card does for full height blades is kind of extending the
pci-e bus and allowing another device (other then a normal mezz card in mezz slot 3) to connect to that server blade.

Remember it is always a one-to-one relationship between the server blade and the partner blade (SB40C or Ultrium), there is no way to share such partner device between different blades at the same time.