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NIC Issues with Bl460c and RDP 3.80


NIC Issues with Bl460c and RDP 3.80

I cannot find the correct NIC drivers to be able to build a BL460c ever since upgrading from RDP v3.70 to RDP v3.80.

Currently whenever I try run a job with WINPE2 32bit that job fails in WINPE at the stage "Validating IP Address".

WINPE2 64bit works fine. Linux works fine (on autodetect) and so does DOS managed on the universal driver, but I cannot get WINPE2 32bit working.

The NC373i Virtual drivers give them same issue, so do the BCM5706/8/9C/S NetXtreme II drivers (b06nd51x.sys).

I have downloaded and imported the latest v4.40 RIS Broadcom BCM7506/8/9C/S "Monolithic" drivers for BCM5706C/S with no change in the behaviour.

I just cant get 32bit WINPE2 to work.

Anyone know what the problem is ?
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Re: NIC Issues with Bl460c and RDP 3.80

Did u check with latest PSP8.11 ? it has got latest and all NIC drivers.