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Nic order on blades C-Class

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Nic order on blades C-Class

When installing with RDP. It seems that the nic on which PXE is enable becomes "Local Area Connection 5" instead of the first one. This has consequences for the scripts which works fine on other systems.
Anybody an idea on how to solve/by-pass this issues.


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Re: Nic order on blades C-Class

Are you deploying an image to this blade?

If so, it can be a byproduct of image deployment. If the image source had LAC 5, you might see LAC 5 on the image target. Or if the image source and target have different NICs or the NICs get enumerated differently, the NIC's on the image target could be recognized as new NICs and will use new LAC #'s.

I'm not too familiar with it but could netsh help you rename the LACs? For Example:

netsh interface>set interface ?

Usage set interface [name = ] IfName
[newname = ] NewName ]

Sets interface parameters.

IfName - the name of the interface
admin - whether the interface should be enabled (non-LAN only).
connect - whether to connect the interface (non-LAN only).
newname - new name for the interface (LAN only).

- At least one option other than the name must be specified.
- If connect = CONNECTED is specified, then the interface
is automatically enabled even if the admin = DISABLED
option is specified.

netsh interface>

Re: Nic order on blades C-Class

I have the same issue too.

We are running linux and deploying with kickstart. If the blade server has a mezz card in there for two additional nics. Those nics are seen as eth2 and eth3 during pxe but as soon as kickstart begins, it thinks the nics in the mezz card are eth0 and eth1. Because the different nics connect to different interconnects, we weren't able to kickstart them as it's trying to kick with eth2 that mac address is not in the dhcp/pxe server.

Why does pxe boot and kickstart see the nics in different order?

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Re: Nic order on blades C-Class

I want to install the servers unattended. Installing through image is not an option due to the differences.