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Re: OA 3.60: Enclosure Firmware Management

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OA 3.60: Enclosure Firmware Management

Hi everyone,


I would like to test today the new feature "Enclosure Firmware Management" with OA Firmware Version 3.60.

I started a manual update on a BL465c G7 in the enclosure and had the ISO URL configured (http URL on SIM server which where discovered as valid ISO URL by OA).


But the Firmware Log displayed following:

Oct 16 10:50:48 Unpacking HP SmartComponents for iLO and OA.
Oct 16 10:51:39 Successfully unpacked HP SmartComponents.
Oct 16 10:51:39 Starting iLO3 update.
Oct 16 10:54:50 iLO3 update succeeded.
Oct 16 10:54:50 Waiting for iLO3 to restart. This will take at least 70 seconds but may be longer.
Oct 16 10:56:00 Blade is already powered off.
Oct 16 10:56:03 Inserted http://blabla.iso into iLO3 virtual media.
Oct 16 10:56:03 iLO3 Secure Shell (SSH) is disabled. Unable to continue.
Oct 16 10:56:03 Unable to connect to Virtual Serial Port.
Oct 16 10:56:03 Resetting iLO3.
Oct 16 10:57:15 Firmware Management is incomplete on blade 1.


Does anyone know why SSH has to be enabled?

In the OA User Guide I didn't find anything about that:




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Re: OA 3.60: Enclosure Firmware Management

I've know enabled SSH on the iLO and the Firmware Management booted the server from the ISO but then it was stuck with following:

Oct 16 11:56:49 Blade powered on.
Oct 16 11:57:23 Server blade booting System BIOS.
Oct 16 11:59:16 Booting ISO using iLO3 virtual media.
Oct 16 11:59:19 Loading HP SUM runtime environment.
Oct 16 12:03:17 HP SUM runtime environment loaded successfully.
Oct 16 12:10:13 Unable to start HP SUM.
Oct 16 12:10:14 Powering off blade
Oct 16 12:10:24 Blade successfully powered off.


"Unable to start HP SUM"...

Has anyone tested this feature successfully on a blade?




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Re: OA 3.60: Enclosure Firmware Management

Yes, run successfully, but on BL460c Gen8 blades with SPP 2012.08.

Hope this helps!

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Re: OA 3.60: Enclosure Firmware Management

OK I've tested it again on some other blades and it worked like a charm...