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OA, VC, Blade Firmware and PSP

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OA, VC, Blade Firmware and PSP

If we upgrade our OAs and VCs to the newest firmware, will we need to upgrade our blades in that chassis to the a certain PSP level?  Or will any PSP version work with 3.7 OAs and 3.6 VCs?


Is there a firmware support matrix out there anywhere?  I tried searching, but came up empty.


Re: OA, VC, Blade Firmware and PSP


Please refer to this post.

There are a few documents that will assist you with all your needs from planning to implementation.


And please note the PSP is replaced with SPP which has both the Driver , Management Agents  & Firmware all built into one

package for ease of implementation.


There are some dependencies , depending on what components are being updated, especially OA /VC / iLO which will need to be checked prior to doing any updates.


PS: Please check for updated version of these documents.

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Re: OA, VC, Blade Firmware and PSP

Keep the blade release sets in mind, these are tested combinations of server drivers, server firmware, OA and VC firmware.

Hope this helps!

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