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OA, VC, ILO IP Address ip change

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OA, VC, ILO IP Address ip change

I'd like to IP change about OA, VC, ILO IP

Enclosure Model is C7000 G2

It will be using different subnet to chang ip address.

My plans are as follow:
1. iLO IP address change(OA GUI, EPIBA Settings)

2. VC IP address change( VC IP settings)

3. OA Standby IP address change(OA) -> ping test

4. OA Active IP address change using Insight Display LCD
(Enclosure Settings) -> ping test

I'd like to ask there's any impact after changing ip address?

thanks in advance

Occasional Advisor

Re: OA, VC, ILO IP Address ip change


best practise is to have OA, VC as well as blade iLOs in the same subnet, however separated from production networks.

You can change them anytime without impact to the blades or VC functions...

1. assign fixed new IPs to both OAs

2. assign IPs for VCs and iLOs (same subnet as for both OAs!) in OA GUI by setup a range -> Enclosure Settings -> Enclosure Bay IP addressing -> IPv4 -> Device Bays / Interconnect Bays.

OA will provide assigned IPs to VC and iLOs in a kind of DHCP (EBIPA)

Have success



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Re: OA, VC, ILO IP Address ip change

Thank you Albert!!